Can Solar Power Everything?

Solar power is becoming more widely adopted every year, but will it one day provide all of the world's electricity? Sadly, practical issues mean that it probably won't, but it can make a huge impact, and solar can definitely power everything in your home.

In 2018, the entire solar market was valued at $52.5 billion, and current projections show it potentially reaching $223.3 billion by 2026. The reason behind solar power's market explosion is twofold. First, its overall cost has dropped by approximately 90% over the past decade. And second, it works: Solar power can provide clean, abundant, and affordable electricity for single buildings or entire communities. While the energy needs of each home are unique, professionals can design and install a solar power system specifically tailored to create more than enough energy for almost any household.

Of course, there are a few things holding solar back, namely the availability of abundant sunlight in certain locations and the logistics of moving solar power from places where it can be generated to places where electricity is needed. But that's where wind energy comes in. Often, if solar isn't practical in a location, wind turbines can be used to capture energy more efficiently. In fact, industry professionals estimate that a combination of solar and wind energy could generate enough power for the entire world by the mid-2030s and eliminate the need for fossil fuels by 2050! So while solar can't do it alone, it can play a huge role in a cleaner, greener future.