About My Family

One of the greatest joys in this old man's life is watching his family grow and learn.

For the last 40 years I have been a father. A feeling more profound than I had ever experienced before. My eldest daughter Kathleen was born in 1980 and was the pride and joy of me and my late wife Corrine from the moment she was born. Two years after Kathleen was born we added Joseph (Joe) to our little family. Immediately I dreamed about sharing camping trips and fishing trips with my boy. Little did I know that the child most interested in spending time outdoors with me would be our daughter Amber, who was born 4 years later.

I am so proud of all of my children who have all accomplished so much in their lives:

  • Kathleen is an ER nurse that works full time (overtime in reality) saving lives and making all of us proud of her selflessness, especially during this pandemic. She has given me three beautiful grandkids of whom I am also incredibly proud. She is married to my son in law Daniel, and together they have three great kids: Kevin (16yrs), Claire (12yrs), and Emily (6yrs). My oldest grandson, Kevin, has been the biggest help to me in this endeavor. He knows a lot about computers.

  • Joe followed in my footsteps and currently works in the energy industry as a trainer and research and data analyst at the same ISO where I spent 35 years. He is married to my beautiful daughter in law Elizabeth and they currently have one child, my grandson Mason (7yrs). However, even though Joe and Lizzy always said they would only be having one child, they recently found out that a new baby boy will be making his debut in early 2021. I'm very excited to be welcoming a new grandchild so soon. Hopefully this pandemic will be over in time for me to see him once he is born.

  • Last but not least is my baby girl, Amber, though she is hardly a baby anymore. Amber is currently a full time mom to her children Jacob (9yrs) and Charlotte (2yrs). She also has become very involved in our local Down's Syndrome Association being that Jacob is differently abled than my other grandchildren. That doesn't make him any less perfect in the eyes of any of his loving family.