Solar Power Definition

Simply put, solar power is energy harnessed from the radiation of the sun. This power is capable of producing heat, generating electricity, and even causing chemical reactions. It can be done directly using photovoltaics or in a combination with other forms of energy to power things in your everyday life. Solar power is considered one of the few sources of clean energy combined with wind and tidal power so it is often used as a way to increase self-sufficiency, improve sustainability, and, because it is cheaper than fossil fuels, save money!

Since the sun is a powerful source of energy and sunlight is the largest energy source received by Earth, even if it is less intense at the surface than it is closer to the sun, there is a lot of potential for solar power to become a more popular source of energy. At the moment, solar power accounts for 4% of the world's electricity, and that percentage is expected to increase over the years since the cost of generating this kind of energy has fallen.