Why Solar Power is the Best Energy Source

Solar energy offers plenty of advantages compared to fossil fuels and other sources of renewable energy because it's simple and effective. The reasons why solar power is the best energy source have become much more apparent over the years, especially as it has become more prominently used by homeowners and business owners alike.

  • Solar power uses the sun's rays for energy; it is a renewable raw resource that will never run out. You only need 0.02% of incoming sunlight to sufficiently replace other fuel sources.
  • Solar panels produce no pollution and, while the construction and manufacturing of these panels do create a carbon footprint, it is negligible compared to other forms of energy.
  • Solar panels are suitable for urban, suburban, and rural areas alike. They can be easy additions to large buildings and homes and can connect to any current power source or they can be used for remote areas with no other source of energy.
  • Work in the solar industry means that hundreds of thousands of domestic jobs in the United States have been created in research, manufacturing, sales, and installation.
  • There are no moving parts to solar panels and harnessing solar energy creates no noise.
  • In the long run, it's a more affordable source of energy. The initial expense may be high, but it's offset by savings on energy bills and those savings mean it can pay off your initial expense within a decade.
  • Solar power is reliable and immune to potential failures of the utility company due to severe weather, overuse, or other issues that could arise.
  • It takes advantage of net metering which means homeowners can receive money if they produce extra electricity using their solar panels and sell it back to the power grid.
  • The U.S. government has tax credits and incentives for homeowners and business owners that want to install solar panels so you can get money back from your initial installation costs.

These are the biggest reasons why solar power is the best energy source. Solar power is still growing in popularity and so in the upcoming years, it will be likely there are even more solar energy benefits.