Solar Power vs. Other Energy Sources

With the world moving toward more sustainable sources of energy to combat climate change, we've been turning our attention to the energy that's all around us in nature, including sunlight. People have worked to harness the power of the wind, the energy in sunlight, and the power of rushing water through new technologies. Using these cleaner energy sources hasn't always been practical for most people, but in recent years, the barriers have gotten lower than ever.

So how does solar power stack up these days? When you're comparing solar power vs. other energy sources, there's no one best option for everyone, as every form of energy has its pros and cons. However, solar is poised to be one of the better forms of energy available: It's good for the environment, it's low-maintenance, and it leads to significant long-term cost savings. The only major drawback is the startup cost, but even that is steadily decreasing, and tax credits can make switching to solar even more affordable.

As it stands now, there are plenty of pros and cons to every source of energy, so if you're trying to decide which is the best source of power for you, it's a good idea to have an understanding of what makes one source of energy a better option than another.