Why Solar Power is the Future

In the early 2010s, the global market for solar energy was small and dependent on subsidies from Germany and Italy, but now it has expanded its reach throughout the world, especially in sunny regions. In those sunny regions, it's now the lowest-cost form of electricity and that is considered to be the case for other regions, as well as new technologies emerge with the promise of low costs and energy efficiency. At the rate solar power is growing, it could become unbeatable compared to fossil fuels in the future, which means the world can lessen its dependence on non-renewable resources that pollute the environment, reducing the ill-impacts of climate change.

Going forward, solar costs could lower even further, making it more affordable for homeowners to make the switch. This is thanks to innovations that reduce the amounts of costly materials it takes to create the solar panels, allowing modules to capture the sun's rays from more angles, and better power electronics in the panels. These changes will have a large impact on solar's reach as an energy provider to help installations continue all over the world.