Solar Power vs. Natural Gas: Pros and Cons

Energy is required to meet basic human needs, but how that energy is supplied can vary. Currently, natural gas is one of the most widely used forms of energy because it is relatively safe, reliable, and affordably accessed all around the world. However, in recent years, solar energy has been making plenty of headway in reliability and accessibility, positioning itself as a more widely used and accepted energy source around the world.

Pros and Cons of Natural Gas

Natural gas is a high-capacity energy source that has become a popular power source for places with rising electricity demand. It is often found in the form of liquefied natural gas, compressed natural gas, or liquefied petroleum gas, which can be extracted and easily supplied all over the world. It's a versatile energy source with a low price.


  • Safe
  • Reliable
  • Cleaner than other fossil fuels
  • Abundant
  • Can be accessed worldwide
  • More affordable than other fossil fuels
  • Efficient energy source


  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Non-renewable resource
  • Mining for natural gas causes habitat destruction
  • Fracking for gas can lead to earthquakes
  • Gas transportation can be dangerous
  • Leaks are hard to detect

Pros and Cons of Solar Power

As a renewable energy source, solar power is effective at harnessing the energy of the sun to turn it into electricity. As long as the sun is shining, we can use solar panels to turn its light into electricity. It is becoming an increasingly affordable form of electricity with a much smaller carbon footprint than other methods. While it's not perfect yet, over the years, solar power has become a more viable alternative, and the technology continues to improve.


  • Long-term savings
  • Increased property values
  • Financing and tax credit programs are available
  • Good for the environment
  • Affordable maintenance


  • Low energy density
  • High installation cost
  • Location-dependent for the best results

Solar Power vs. Natural Gas: Which Is the Better Option?

Natural gas has been a main energy source for more than a decade, it's cheaper than other non-renewable forms of energy, and it creates fewer emissions than coal. However, in recent years, solar energy has become much more affordable, and it's a renewable form of energy with a limited carbon footprint. Overall, solar is a better choice, but because it does rely heavily on having abundant sunlight, natural gas may be the best option in some locations.